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Southgate investments limited was established in Zambia in the year 1992, with our South African sister company Asma African carriers established in 2008. Together with the background of vast experience gained in cross-border operations by offering a good personal service to the clients and operating with a reliable fleet of new trucks, certain segments of the market could be captured or retained. Being in the international Road haulage sector, we provide clearing and transport services from the port of Durban to any destination in Zambia and the Democratic republic of Congo.


. Our business outlook will always be to offer the best service to the client, in the most cost efficient manner ,with on-time delivery
. We place great emphasis on the turn- around time of the trucks which is our critical success factor and so far have successfully maintained our time schedule, despite encountering difficult en -route conditions, ferry breakdowns etc.
. We believe in offering a very specialized service to a list of selected but esteemed clients and will do our best to meet the clients demand and requirements.
. The directors and the management team are available all the time to serve our clients and to sort out any type of problems
. We wish to remain the best cross-border operator ,by implementing strategic alliances with the latest equipment’s and technology and employing professional management


. We have a combined fleet of 93 trucks capable of handling any type and any volume of cargo
. For excellent service we have offices in Lusaka, Zambia & Johannesburg ,south Africa
. All our trucks and trailer are backed up with full maintenance plans from designated manufacturers to ensure no breakdowns and efficient road haulage
. We have employed personnel in all major towns on our designated routes to ensure safe passage and maximum efficiency
. The drivers are all hand-picked, well trained and are all Zambians
. We take pride and joy in our fleet and this can be easily ascertained by the look and neatness of our fleet on the road.
. The average age of our fleet is less than three years
. All of our trucks are Volvo make


. We have our own representatives in RSA, Livingstone, Ndola and Kasumbalesa borders
. We are also aiming to provide a clearing facility in other borders posts through Manica as well as many various offices which we have had long term relations with


. We provide a 20,000 SQM fully concreted open storage facility in our Lusaka yard
. We provide a 25,000 SQM fully concreted open storage facility in our RSA yard of which 3,000 SQM is under roof at 36 Lincoln Road, Benoni, and RSA.


. All our trucks are fitted with satellite Tracking systems which can be accessed by all personnel on computer and cell phones at any time of the day
. To have better control and monitoring we have provided cell phones to all our drivers
. We provide trucking reports to our clients atleast 3times a day –the exact location of the cargo can be given to our clients at any given point in time upon request
. We ensure all our trucks move in convoys of a minimum of 3 & maximum of 6 trucks


. All our drivers undergo extreme scrutiny before they are employed and we ensure that they have a clean record
. All our trucks are comprehensively insured by a prominent insurance company
. When loaded with high risk commodities like copper we hire armed escorts throughout the trip
. We ensure all our drivers use designated routes and therefore always provided with extra money for tolls
. Safety equipment is provided to all our drivers and equipped on all our trucks

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