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This contemporary stylish Planetary mixer will stand out in your kitchen with its beautiful metallic grey color.  You can match this mixer with many other products from the Carbon pro collection. Each of our collections offers a full range of products to choose from. Create the perfect set and enjoy your time in the kitchen.


This contemporary stylish Planetary mixer will stand out in your kitchen with its beautiful combination of metallic grey and rose gold. This product is made of 18/10 stainless steel and plastic. The removable 6L stainless steel mixing bowl provides sufficient capacity to mix the dough or other ingredients from 0.2kg to 2kg. The stand mixer is equipped with three accessories including a wire whipper, dough hook, and flat beater as well as a transparent splash bowl cover.  The three attachments will cover all your mixing needs including blending, beating, whipping, kneading, and mixing eggs, or cream. The head tilts back for easy change of attachments or removal of the bowl. We all know how loud and annoying the sound of mixers can be! You can finally enjoy making those cakes with a powerful but very quiet motor.


This contemporary stylish Planetary mixer will stand out in your kitchen with its beautiful rose gold color.  You can match this mixer with many other products from the Rose Gold collection. Each of our collections offers a full range of products to choose from. Create the perfect set and enjoy your time in the kitchen.


Stay cool this summer with the Russell Hobbs Oscillating Floor Fan. Whether it’s just a little warm or it’s the hottest summer on record, the oscillating floor fan is a must have item for any home or office.

195lt Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer – DMF490S

Uses Solar and Electrical grid to run the same unit. Making Solar more accessible, now you don’t need to buy expensive Batteries and an inverter box to take advantage of Solar power. Solar Hybrid can use a combination of solar and electrical grids at the same time, prioritizing solar, ensuring you get the most out of the solar system provided. Some of the neat features of this freezer include its handle integrated locking mechanism; the spring-loaded hinges for easy opening and closing; and handy roller wheels to easily move your freezer to a new spot in your home. This clean white finish Defy chest freezer is a welcome new addition to any household looking for extra storage space that won’t power up their electricity bill.


Kitchen design is central to the home décor, and this is why you need to choose the right built-in hob to match both your superior cooking requirements, as well as your on-trend interior style. This is where the Defy Domino Solid Hob with Control Switches comes in! Crafted to match any Defy eye-level oven for a comprehensive cooking experience, the Defy Domino range is a stylish yet compact two-plate design, that immediately elevates your kitchen interior before you’ve even turned it on. And when it comes to cooking, nothing quite compares to Defy’s cutting-edge thermo-technology. Every meal will come out of the oven cooked to perfection. There’s nothing better than Defy!


The best way to glide through your pile of ironing is with our 2000W SupremeGlide + Steam, Spray and Dry Iron. The stainless-steel plate just floats over your garments until they are wrinkle-free, you’ll be satisfied after the first stroke of your iron. A faster heat up time and performance allow you to get through even the last-minute items that are essential for your day. Features such as a large 250ml water tank allow for a powerful burst of steam to get rid of those extra stubborn creases. The 1.5m swivel cord enables your ironing to take place wherever you find convenient. The fabric temperature guide, the steam control and the indicator light allow you to be in control of your clothes the whole time you are ironing them. The professionally ironed finish of your clothes will ensure that you are looking your best at all times of the day.


Making ironing a part of your daily chores has never been more appealing. With the Russell Hobbs Powerglide XL iron, damaged clothes and wrinkles will be a thing of the past. This powerful 2200W iron has an extra-large ceramic soleplate that glides smoothly along fabrics. Ironing is made hassle-free and simple with this powerful and sturdy appliance so you can tackle any item of clothing in the most efficient way.


For great results day after day, you want an iron that never lets you down. The 2200W Russell Hobbs Pro-Glide steam spray and dry iron is proof of the consistent quality that you need for your clothes. The higher wattage and ceramic soleplate allows you to be fast and safe when ironing your clothes, giving you that professional finish in no time. The fabric temperature guide and adjustable thermostat as well as the steam control function, give you the confidence to tackle any item of clothing hassle-free, you can even use the vertical steam feature to touch up delicate fabrics, so you can look your best before that important meeting. Tough creases are no longer an issue with the powerful burst of steam and water spray feature there to give you the confidence boost you need. Whether you love ironing or hate it, you’ll love the results of your freshly pressed clothes from the Pro-Glide iron.

224lt Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer – DMF475S

Trying to cut down on electricity costs? Our all New Solar Hybrid Range connects directly to 3 solar panels and the electrical grid and works off solar during daytime and prioritizes solar energy and runs off-grid when there is no sunshine. No inverters or batteries are needed. The hybrid range runs using both electrical grid and solar energy; however, it will use as much solar as it can to run the unit, reducing your electricity bill. This results in up to 38% less* energy consumption in the chest freezer. Besides saving money year on year, the Defy 224lt Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer has a handle with integrated locking mechanism and spring-loaded hinges which makes opening and closing your product a breeze. The product has an aluminum interior, roller wheels for easier moving, 1 x plastic basket and a stylish granite top finish. Add extra freezer space to your kitchen if you're buying in bulk and start saving today!


The 2400W Russell Hobbs Easy-Glide Steam Spray is the ideal iron for you if you’re looking to reduce the time spent on your ironing while making it as easy as possible. The dry, steam and spray functions ensure that you can cover all types of fabric with your iron, while the powerful bursts of steam and ceramic soleplate ensures that those annoying creases disappear, hassle-free. Other features include a vertical steam option, for those days where your clothes just need touch ups and you don’t feel like getting the ironing board out, as well as a fabric temperature guide and large 350ml water tank capacity to ensure that you can get through all of your ironing in one go, while giving your clothes the attention they deserve. These innovative features promise to give your clothes the best possible treatment in the best possible time.

24cm Skillet Grill

The grill is 2.3 mm thick with an aluminum body that provides quick and uniform cooking. Starflon Max non-stick inner coating that does not stick, is easy to clean, more durable and is not harmful to health as it is PFOA free. It has a silicone outer coating and an anti-thermal bakelite handle that offers safety during handling.


For maximum convenience and affordability, the Defy 30L Mini Oven really delivers. Despite the compact nature of this kitchen appliance, you’re able to grill, bake, toast, or sauté a wide selection of delicious meals using the two solid plate tops and 1500W oven. The Defy range always comes with a number of exciting features, and the mini oven is no different! There’s an attractive stainless-steel door handle trim, a useful 60-minute time with an alarm, as well as three accessories in the form of a baking tray, wire rack, and tray handle. This is a great countertop addition to any kitchen and can be easily moved for those who don’t stay in one spot for too long.


The FUNTZIO grill plate is made of die-cast aluminum and features silicone handles and a 5-layer nonstick stone coating. It offers fast and easy cooking with a large surface that is half grill and half plain. The plate can be used on the cooktop or in the oven, and the silicone handles can be removed. The fabrication process has a low carbon footprint and does not include PFOA. The durable nonstick coating provides a taste similar to cooking on natural stone and allows for healthy cooking. It is resistant to temperature changes, easy to clean, and promotes even cooking while saving energy at low temperatures.


Since its foundation, Herenthal has been focusing on composing a precisely selected product range of high quality kitchenware and electronic home appliances. Due to its excellent materials and eminently convenient solutions, we offer our customers a unique and carefree cooking experience. The simplicity of our products reflects our genuine mindset towards cooking. Cooking is about the pureness of food and embracing all of its flavors. Herenthal gives access to this ultimate cooking experience.