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NoStik Bake Liner 33x40cm

With the NoStik Baking Liner you can enjoy baking without worrying that your dishes will stick, or that you will have to scrub the oven or baking tray. Not only does it surpass the qualities of traditional baking paper thanks to its high-quality non-stick properties, but its durability will save you on buying many, many meters of baking paper too. The excellent non-stick coating also means there is no need for butter and other fats

NoStik BBQ Liner 40x50cm

The NoStik? Grill Sheet will make you enjoy grilling even more without worrying ever again about thecleaning! No mess, no stress: NoStik?. Perfect for grilling meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, pizzas, eggs and so much more. The NoStik Grill sheet is also ideal for grilling sticky marinated food such as chicken wings ribs and bacon.

NoStik Crisper Basket 3.0lt

– Teflon Coated – Perfect heat circulation in order to crisp up food – Turn your oven into an airfryer

NoStik Gas Range Protector Set of 4

With the NoStik Protective Sheets for gas cookers, you can protect the entire cooking surface of your stovetop against splashes and boil over messes. The protective sheets prevent food or liquids from baking onto the surface. Thanks to the non-stick coating of the sheets, all marks and baked-on bits of food can easily be removed with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. The protective sheets can be used on both sides and fit all gas cookers.

NoStik Induction hob liner 48x58cm

NoStik represents a wide range of non-stick products, such as reusable baking and protective sheets, shelves, trays and bags. The non-stick properties help maintain a healthy lifestyle and as they are reusable, they help save money and reduce waste

NoStik Muffin Liner set of 12

NoStik represents a wide range of non-stick products, including reusable baking and protective sheets, shelves, trays and bags. This set of 4 reusable freezer bags reduce the need for single use plastic and are freezer safe up to -72°C.

NoStik Silicon Pastry Mat 30x40cm

The NoStik Silicone Pastry Mat is the perfect combination of an anti-slip work surface and a baking sheet in one product. Thanks to the silicone anti-slip side, the mat stays in one place without moving, and is perfect for kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out dough, pasta and mince. When your dishes are ready, the mat can easily be placed in the oven. The perfect silicone coating also ensures that your dishes never stick to the surface.

NoStik Splatterguard 32cm

Keep your stove, microwave, and countertops clean with this NoStik splatter screen. Made of a heat-resistant Teflon fabric, the splatter screen keeps grease contained when you fry bacon, sausages, potatoes, and more. The perforations in the mesh help to vent moisture from the pan. Microwave safe, the lightweight screen is also suitable for keeping splatters contained in the microwave or use it as a pot protector between stacked pots.