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11 Pcs Stainless Steel Cookware Set Life

Have exclusive, convenient products in your kitchen. Tramontina's 11-piece stainless steel cookware set with tri-ply base will make your daily routine easier while adding beauty to your kitchen. Including 11 products with a contemporary design for an added touch of style to your décor. The set also features a tri-ply base (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) technology, which distributes heat evenly for faster, more uniform cooking. The best part is: it saves energy! The items are made entirely of stainless steel for guaranteed high durability and good taste. They come with a lid with steam vent, are very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Highly versatile, the products can be used on different types of cooktops.

12” (30cm) Meat/cooks Knife black – 24609/002

Quality and durability for professionals who work hard. With state-of-the-art technology, professional knives are always ready to go into action and look good with any ingredient. Efficiency is not lacking. The very high quality of the blades, the result of the heat treatment consisting of tempering (heating the blade), subzero (cooling from 50 to 196 degrees below zero) and tempering (increased elasticity of the steel) guarantees a long and efficient life. The anatomy and ergonomics of the textured polypropylene handle, injected directly onto the blade tang, offer safety and comfort during handling. Antimicrobial protection inhibits and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. This technology is incorporated during the cable manufacturing process and lasts for the lifetime of the product, but does not eliminate the need to wash them.

15 pcs Braai Set – 22399/028

Tramontina stainless steel barbecue kit with natural wooden handles, 15pc set. Tramontina’s 15-piece stainless steel barbecue kit with natural wooden handles from the Churrasco line has been especially designed to turn you into a first-class barbecue master, turning your gatherings into even more special moments with family and friends. The kit includes steak knives and forks, carving fork, knife and tongs made of stainless steel. All the pieces have a natural wooden handle. These features make this barbecue kit the perfect choice for those who pay attention to every detail in a high-quality barbecue.

16 Pcs Tableware Set (blister packaging)

The Plenus line brings comfort and practicality together with items that have a light touch when serving and eating. In addition to a cheese kit, the line also offers flatware in five colour options and knives for the most diverse types of cut. To do beautifully well every day.

2 pcs Braai Set Brown

Prepare your best braai with more style and practicality, with the Tramontina Braai Set with stainless steel blades and wooden handles polywood brown 5 pieces. Perfect for cutting and serving the best cuts of meat, the game has meat knives, deboning knife, carving fork and magnetic chopping block, all essential tools for preparing and serving a good braai. The pieces have stainless steel blades and handles are in treated poly-wood, both characteristics that make it a high quality and resistant.

2 Pcs Carving Set (blister packaging)

Add quality and charm to your kitchen with the Plenus Range. Modern and versatile, the flatware sets create a classic look when neutral colors are used, or a more vibrant one if warm and varied colors are preferred. This complete range caters to different uses: from food preparation to table service. The Plenus Line can be used from breakfast to dinner, from a braai to a cheese board. The stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles are resistant and comfortable to handle. These items are dishwasher safe.

24cm Skillet Grill

The grill is 2.3 mm thick with an aluminum body that provides quick and uniform cooking. Starflon Max non-stick inner coating that does not stick, is easy to clean, more durable and is not harmful to health as it is PFOA free. It has a silicone outer coating and an anti-thermal bakelite handle that offers safety during handling.

24pc. Cutlery Set

Do it differently with the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cutlery with Table Knives High Gloss Finish 24 Pieces from the Oslo line. Beautiful pieces produced entirely in stainless steel, providing a high gloss and quality finish. The game has spoons with symmetrical cups and carefully rounded edges. Forks with polished teeth on the inside, with an appropriate shape for the mouth and rounded edges to provide greater comfort in use. Fully tempered serrated wire knives, which guarantee greater durability in the cutting wire and greater resistance to corrosion, and due to their hardenability characteristics, they do not scratch the porcelain. It offers practicality and beauty for every moment.

25pcs Tableware Set (Black)

Tramontina's Tulum 25-piece stainless steel flatware set with onyx polypropylene handles and organizer tray is a must-have for your daily cooking and dining. The set contains 25 pieces, which is perfect for serving six people at the table. With elegant onyx polypropylene handles, these utensils are highly resistant and comfortable to use. The knives have stainless steel blades, a material that ensures quality and greater durability. The forks and spoons are more resistant due to the thickness of the steel and a stamping process. This set also includes a polypropylene organizer tray for better organizing of your flatware. The pieces are also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

25pcs Tableware Set (Red)

TRAMONTINA, the largest Brazilian kitchenware manufacturer with over 100 years of history. 24 piece tableware set. This is a very convenient tableware set with 24 tableware and a polypropylene organizer. It can be installed directly in your kitchen or other drawer. 5" steak knife is made of durable stainless steel. Polypropylene handles are available in a variety of colours to brighten up your dining table. Dishwasher safe for hygienic use.

2pc. Cake Set

The beauty and good taste of your desserts are guaranteed with Tramontina's 2-piece stainless steel cake set. With 2 stylish pieces, serving your sweet recipes and delicious cakes will be even tastier!

3 pcs Braai Set Brown

Tramontina’s Churrasco line offers a complete solution for you to prepare and serve delicious braai. With the 3-piece stainless steel utensil set with brown Poly-wood handles, you will have the possibility of excellent cutting performance and more convenience for serving. The pieces are made of highly durable steel with treated Poly-wood handles which offer resistance to shock and high temperatures. A choice that will do beautifully well in every occasion.

3 pcs Frying Pan Set (20, 26cm)

The new Paris frying pans are ideal for people who like to add their personal touch to everything they do. The patterns ass a unique and refined touch to the products. The line frying pans are a must-have for people who appreciate different fashion styles and wish to turn their kitchen into a catwalk of beauty and flavour.

3 Pcs Knives Set (blister packaging)

The Plenus Line can be used from breakfast to dinner, from a braai to a cheeseboard. Add quality and charm to your kitchen with the Plenus Range. Modern and versatile, the flatware sets create a classic look when neutral colors are used, or a more vibrant one if warm and varied colors are preferred. This complete range caters to different uses from food preparation to table service.