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Defy 20L Electronic Microwave Oven Silver Mirror – DMO383

The Defy 20L Microwave Oven has all you need in one compact device. For healthier meal options, this device will ensure complete cooking throughout, with a tasty, crisp finish to any meal. And, for even faster cooking results, this microwave oven option can cook anything from a basic side dish to a meatier option. This particular device comes with 6 power levels, a speedy cook function, and preset menu programming options for cooking made simple. For top kitchen appliances, you can always rely on Defy.

Defy 20L Manual Microwave Silver – DMO20S

With the Defy Solo Microwave, you now have the microwave you've always wanted. In addition to its five power settings and ample 20L capacity, this microwave oven features a generous 700W power output. A gorgeous silver mirror finish complements the stylish look of your kitchen decor, and the effortless opening function will make it a perfect addition to any home. Trust Defy for top-quality microwaves!

Defy 20L Solo Manual Microwave – DMO384

No kitchen is truly complete without a microwave, and the Defy 20lt Solo Microwave is not only a compact design but has a range of functionalities that save you time in the kitchen. From the basic auto defrost function to more expansive cooking options, this particular microwave is a really great starter model, suited to even the most novice of cooks. Available with six power levels, food preparation is quick and easy, so you’re able to enjoy the benefit of home cooking without spending all your time in the kitchen. Don’t settle when it comes to home appliances, go for the best with Defy.

Defy 27lt Air Fryer Microwave

Cavity Volume : 27L Control Type: Digital (touch control panel) Microwave Oven Type: Combi Air Fry Microwave Series Microwave Power:

Defy 30L Microwave – DMO391

Helping you save time in the kitchen, the auto-cook function offers a pre-set menu that you can choose from to automatically set the cooking time for your food. Effortlessly defrost your food with the help of our auto-defrost function. The microwave can sense the weight of your frozen food to automatically set the defrost time. That means you’ll only need to put your frozen food in once, for it to come out thawed and ready to be cooked. This large-capacity microwave oven is versatile enough to cope with the demands of a growing family.

Defy 34L Grill Microwave – DMO392

As technology has developed, we’ve been afforded the option of cooking much healthier meals in even less time. This technology has been honed into the Defy 34l Grill Microwave, which lets you prepare any meal quickly without sacrificing the beneficial nutrients and flavors. For those on the go, or when there’s a hungry family waiting, then the combination grill and microwave option cooks food in even less time – from a basic side dish to a full-on chicken. There are pre-set menu programs that automatically determine your cooking level for you, and with the digital display, mirror glass door, stainless steel strips, and silver finish, it’s a really beautiful kitchen appliance as well.

Defy 43L Solo Black Microwave – DMO401

With a digital programmer and digital display screen, this 1000-watt microwave is ideal when you need dinner in a hurry. Its digital programmer allows you to easily set the cooking time for your food, while Its stylish display lets you track the remaining time at a quick glance. Taking up less space in your kitchen, the compact size allows you to place the microwave anywhere you like while still offering 43 litres of cooking capacity.

Defy Silver Mirror Door Solo Microwave – 30L DMO390

Cooking has never been so easy with the Defy 30l Solo Model Microwave, an amazing kitchen innovation with 900-watt power output and a range of useful cooking features. If you’re home late from the office and need to quickly defrost a meal, then simply press the microwave’s auto-to-defrost function and you’ll be eating in no time. In fact, this Defy microwave is even able to sense the weight of your frozen food and automatically set the required defrosting time. There is also a handy pre-set menu option that allows you to choose an automatic cooking time for whatever dish you’re preparing, taking the hassle out of cooking. And, with its 30l capacity, it’s able to meet the food demands of a large family.


Cavity Volume : 27L Colour: Black Control Type: Digital (touch control panel) Microwave Oven Type: Combi Air Fry Microwave Series